Are you looking for a competitive edge? Improving performance is the most common reason for seeking sport psychology services.  Some athletes are looking to get out of a slump, some are trying to go from good to great, and others are aiming to go from great to even better.  Dr. Sarnell teaches mental skills that focus on enhancing performance, and she has experience working with athletes at all levels in a wide variety of individual and team spots.  Dr. Sarnell can help you refine the skills and techniques you already have in place or teach you a new set of strategies that can help you overcome obstacles and reach your potential.  Performance enhancement work includes strategies for getting in the zone, visualization, goal setting, pre-performance routines, positive and balanced thinking, focusing strategies, and mindfulness-based techniques.  

Clinical Sport Psychology

Athletes may struggle with clinical issues related to their sport, such as debilitating performance anxiety, depression after injury, disordered eating, or post concussion syndrome. Athletes may also have clinical concerns outside of their sport, such as test anxiety, generalized anxiety, phobias, depression, or relationship concerns. Dr. Sarnell's expertise in both Clinical Psychology and Sport Psychology allow her to support this unique population while treating the whole person.  Her understanding of the sport environment and her ability to provide clinical interventions put her in a unique position to assist athletes as they confront these issues and help them recover.

Sport Psychology Consultation

Dr. Sarnell offers a wide variety of services designed to benefit individual athletes, teams and coaches. Dr. Sarnell works one-on-one with athletes to teach mental skills and help them improve their performance. She works with coaches to provide support related to team culture, team cohesion, communication, and other areas that can help them meet their coaching goals.  Dr. Sarnell meets with teams to provide interactive workshops focused on strengthening their ability to work as a team, as well as presentations that focus on mental skills for performance enhancement.

There are many reasons to consult with a sport psychology professional, including:
-    Peak Performance: gaining a mental edge and increasing mental toughness
-    Coping with pressure from othersā€™ expectations and/or your own expectations
-    Managing anxiety: from typical performance anxiety to debilitating performance anxiety
-    Increasing confidence
-    Managing emotions and getting in the zone
-    Increasing your motivation and enjoyment
-    Improving concentration and learning how to stay in the moment
-    Learning how to more effectively cope with injury
-    Balancing the demands of athletics with those of everyday life
-    Coping with life stress and its impact both within and outside of sports
-    Coping with depression or anxiety and its impact both within and outside of sports
-    Retiring from sports
-    Committing to an exercise program