Dr. Sarnell offers presentations tailored to your team or organization.  If you are interested in having Dr. Sarnell talk to your group, email DrSarnell@gmail.com to set-up a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss what would be most helpful to your team or organization.  Here are some topics that Dr. Sarnell frequently presents on:

Strategies for getting in the Zone

Anxiety Management


Performance Routines

Goal Setting

Positive and Balanced Thinking

Focusing Strategies

Mindfulness and Acceptance


Teamwork, Team Building, and Team Cohesion

Effective Communication

Eating Disorders

The Costs of Perfectionism

Time Management

Self-Care: Finding Balance

Identifying Motivation

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Getting out of a Slump

Sports Parenting

Coaching to promote positive outcomes

Coping with Injury


In addition to creating a tailor-made talk from the above list of topics, Dr. Sarnell offers the following presentations:

The Inner Path to Peak Performance

Would you like to learn about concrete tools that you can use to improve your performance? This presentation provides an introduction to sport psychology, focusing on performance enhancement and the following components of your mental game: getting in the zone, anxiety management, visualization, performance routines, goal setting, positive and balanced thinking, focusing strategies, and mindfulness.


Mindfulness practice helps improve our ability to be in the present moment, and we perform at our best when we are in the moment. This presentation offers an overview of mindfulness, with a focus on using the power of mindfulness to improve your sports experience and performance. You will learn concrete tools for practicing mindfulness and applying it to your sport.

Teamwork: Creating Cohesion

Do you want your team to improve their ability to work together? This interactive presentation provides a framework for understanding team dynamics in addition to tools for building a more cohesive team. 

Motivational Coaching

Coaches that support the basic psychological needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness create an environment that enhances motivation.  This presentation focuses on techniques that coaches can use to foster intrinsic motivation and set a positive tone for their team.

Positive Sports Parenting

This presentation gives parents an understanding of how they can contribute to their child’s positive athletic experience, and provides tools for constructive communication between parents and children regarding sports.

Coaching to Promote Positive Youth Development

This presentation provides information on coaching techniques that help foster the five C’s of positive youth development: competence, character, connection, confidence, and caring.

Coping with Injury

Injuries are very common and can be very difficult to cope with.  This presentation highlights a model of stress and athletic injury, provides an understanding of psychological reactions to injury, and most importantly covers concrete mental skills for fostering recovery.

Finding Balance

Athletes need to be experts in time management.  This presentation focuses on time management skills and finding balance between your sports responsibilities, academic commitments, social life, and interests, while also making time for relaxation.

Eating Disorders and Athletes

This presentation provides information on the symptoms and prevalence of eating disorders, with a focus on the risk factors and protective factors that apply to athletes, as well as steps to take to seek support for oneself or others.

Motivation: Finding your Drive

Why do you participate in your sport and devote so much time to it? This presentation helps you identify your motivation for participating in athletics, with the goal of increasing your commitment and dedication to training and competition.