CBT for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders. Dr. Sarnell has significant training and experience in CBT and its application to the treatment of anxiety. Dr. Sarnell applies CBT to concerns such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, test anxiety, panic attacks, specific phobias, and performance anxiety. Dr. Sarnell can help you understand how your thought and behavior patterns impact your level of anxiety. CBT focuses on identifying and changing unhelpful or irrational thoughts into healthier, positive and more balanced thinking patterns. The behavior component of CBT allows you to practice this new way of thinking in your everyday life.  Treatment can also focus on learning new and positive behavior patterns, and gradually approaching a challenging or fearful situation in manageable steps.  Dr. Sarnell can teach you strategies to help you cope with anxiety, decrease reliance on unhealthy or avoidant coping patterns, and improve your overall quality of life.  Dr. Sarnell often integrates mindfulness-based techniques into traditional CBT approaches. Mindfulness is focused on present moment awareness in an open, accepting, non-judgmental way, and mindfulness practice can be very effective in increasing one's ability to cope with anxiety.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a powerful process to promote change and development.  Dr. Sarnell provides therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. She has experience implementing a variety of therapeutic techniques, with specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy, which is an active, present-focused treatment.  Dr. Sarnell uses a flexible, integrative approach, implementing a therapeutic style that will best meet your needs. She often combines CBT with other therapeutic approaches and finds that her significant experience providing supportive therapy offers clients a comprehensive therapy experience. Dr. Sarnell works with clients to create a safe environment where you can feel comfortable and explore concerns without judgment.