Transforming Negativity

Consider an aspect of your life that you’re currently feeling negative about, perhaps your job, your relationships, or your health and fitness goals for 2019.  The following IDEAS can help you cope with negativity and develop a more positive attitude, as you work toward achieving your goals:

Invest in your purpose

·     Define your values and goals: Find your why

Define a little time for venting

·     Venting about frustrations can take the form of talking or writing 

·     Set limits to avoid repetitive loops- “Can I vent to you for five minutes?”

·     Find someone you feel comfortable confiding in who allows you the space to talk

·     Consider making time for solution focused discussion after venting 

Emphasize solutions instead of problems

·     Define the problem, brainstorm and analyze potential solutions, select which solutions to try

Attend to small positives

·     Ask for the good: ask others questions about successful moments and small good things going on in their lives

·     Hunt the good: appreciate the world around you, comment on positive occurrences, reflect on your positive attributes and achievements, celebrate small successes

·     Create the good: do good things for others and create positive moments for yourself 

Strategically transform your thoughts

·     When engaging in negative thinking, ask yourself:

  • How is this type of thinking impacting me?

  • What evidence supports my negative thought and what contradicts it?

  • What’s a more helpful/balanced way to think about this?