Student-Athlete Study Tips

As a student-athlete, time management is extremely important. When you have a test coming up, it can often feel like there’s not enough time to study.  Instead of persistently worrying about how little time you have, create a study plan to map out how and when you will study:

Creating and Following a Study Plan:

  1. What is the format of the test?
  2. List study tasks (make a study guide, flashcards, quizlet, practice test, review)
    • Include active study tasks
    • Estimate how long each task will take
    • If possible and helpful, do timed practice questions to get used to test conditions
  3. Designate chunks of time for studying
    • Map out time for specific study tasks, and be prepared to be flexible with your plan
  4. Make time for breaks, primarily non-electronics breaks, such as going for a walk
  5. Limit Procrastination
    • Start with one task
    • Work in concentrated chunks of time with no distractions- 50 minutes, 10 minute break; 20 minutes, 5 minute break
    • Forgive yourself for past procrastination and move forward
    • Play a song that gets you energized
    • Work with a friend who is a good influence
    • Change your environment
    • Put your phone in another room
    • Use Apps to block websites on your computer, such as the App SelfControl